23 January 2020

Making your wildest wedding photography dreams come true

We talk to Elle Alihos, Founder of Wild Romantic Photography.

Couples put a lot of faith into their wedding photographer to capture the most important day of their lives in a way that not only reflects their own personal style but acts as a photo-journal of a moment in time that brings two souls and two families together in the most personal way.

With literally tens of thousands of weddings under our collective belts, the Peter Rowland team are always delighted to introduce Elle Alihos, Founder of Wild Romantic Photography (formerly Bohemian Prints) to couples looking for a photographer with an artistic background to document their big day. We talk to Elle about making your wildest wedding dreams come true.

Champagne Glass Tower

Tell us about Wild Romantic Photography

For me, photography was exciting from the very first click. It is also a big part of who I am. Being born into a multicultural environment where I grew up speaking two languages, I was always fascinated with the idea of how the power of photography could convey a universal language. I loved how an image could communicate visual concepts, emotions and the beauty of all things universally. 

I started Wild Romantic Photography on the side, while I gained valuable business experience working in fashion marketing. In 2016, my side hustle took over and became a full time job allowing me to focus on my passion 24/7. Currently, the studio shoots over 150 weddings per year and employs up to five contractors. We are known for creating dreamy and romantic photography, where the love and story of a couple comes to life through print.

Beautiful Wedding Florals with Wedding Ring
Wedding Decor with candles and flowers
Wedding photography or luxurious pieces of art?

What do couples come to you for?

Although we are photographers, we pride ourselves on being creative artists and strive to create pieces of art. Our clients come to us because they seek an artist to document their big day and deliver their wildest photography dreams and we ensure someone in our team can deliver this. We focus on creating high quality luxurious pieces of art, with the goal that if and when printed, they can be exhibited in an art gallery.

Our artists have a lifelong obsession and influence from art, fashion, design, nature and photojournalism. We have a very clear idea of our style and aesthetic – a philosophy that’s remained constant as our brand has grown.

How many weddings have you shot? What is the most memorable wedding and why?

I have personally shot over 300 weddings! I once had a bride and groom book me to shoot their wedding before the groom had even proposed to her! They wanted to make sure that I was available to photograph their big day. I felt so honored and privileged.

Wedding photography of family in car
Where the love and story of a couple comes to life through print

What’s on trend now for wedding photography and what’s making a comeback?

Couples want and expect leading standards of quality when it comes to photography. With technology being so progressive with smartphones, they want no less than what they are achieving themselves.

2020 will continue to see arise in editorial style photography. Couples are increasingly looking for photographers with a unique artistic vision. We are seeing more and more traditional ‘photography rules’ being broken. Photos that capture imperfect moments, movements with blur, out of focus shots, interesting crops are all part of the editorial trend.

Wedding Photography Editorial Look
Wedding Couple Kissing
Happy Families During Wedding Reception
There is a move toward a photo-journalist, editorial style photography that captures imperfect moments and raw emotion

What is the best way for couples to express their personal taste across their wedding and how can you help?

I always recommend clients to start a Pinterest board. This way they can save their ideas and use them as a reference. During our pre-wedding consultation we prioritise which images might suit the couple and take into account the venue, location, colours, etc and then use that as a reference to create photographic magic on the day.

What locations work best for wedding pics?

If you hire a professional, all locations will work! I personally have a preference for the beach because I love earthing during the shoots. Taking my shoes off and getting my feet in the sand and salty water tends to be one of the highlights of the shoot for me. Grey backgrounds can be amazing also, as it clashes with the couple’s outfit and makes them stand out.

Wedding Photography In The Snow Mountains
A good photographer can make any location work. And how perfect is this beautiful snowy wedding shot!

How do couples on a tight budget still achieve big impact?

Big impact comes down to research and preparation. We have shot a wedding with a budget of $150K who employed a planner, stylist, high-end florist, catering, video, etc  as she had the budget. In comparison, the same month, we shot another wedding where the couple stuck to their budget of $15K. The bride and her mother started planning 12 months in advance and put together all of the special DIY touches themselves.

Both of these weddings were featured in a national bridal magazine in the same issue which goes to show that anything is achievable.

What would be your dream wedding brief?

I love being apart of a unique day that truly represents the bride and groom. My dream wedding briefs are when I can capture the couple in a beautiful and thoughtful environment that is a reflection of their personality.

For example, in June I am booked to shoot a wedding in Italy because the bride and groom had visited the country and had a personal connection to it. Then in August I am shooting a wedding in Greece because the bride’s heritage is Greek and the couple wanted to share the Greek culture and the country’s beautiful heritage with their guests and loved ones.

Dreamy Clouds In Sky

Are you newly engaged and planning your wedding? Congratulations! Our wedding planning team would love to help create your dream wedding. Talk to us now about our wedding packages and venues.

All photography kindly provided by Wild Romantic Photography @wildromanticphotography

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