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About The Peter Rowland Group

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Since 1962

The Peter Rowland Group was established in 1962 by Peter Rowland.

What started as a Melbourne based boutique caterer has since transformed into a multi-faceted food and experience business.


Brought to life by an experienced culinary workforce who share a passion for elevating the catering experience to unseen heights, the iconic Peter Rowland experience has grown nationally to now be available in Sydney.

 The Peter Rowland Group offerings are vast, including an array of private event management, major event catering, venue management, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, large-scale retail environments and e-commerce delivery.

One company many solutions.

‘A great caterer has the taste of a chef, the imagination of an artist, and the timing of a conductor.’

Peter Rowland AOM

Ensuring a sustainable approach to business is an essential ingredient at Peter Rowland.

Two Good


One in four women in Australia experience domestic violence at some point and many of them end up in domestic violence shelters. 

Social enterprise Two Good, which currently operates across Sydney and Melbourne, supports women fleeing domestic violence through a buy-one-donate-one system, whereby for every Two Good product sold another is given to a domestic violence shelter. Peter Rowland’s partnership with Two Good focuses on scaling its food production and distribution operation to help provide meals to domestic violence survivors throughout Australia.

Looking out for the community is an essential part of the business at Peter Rowland Group

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