25 July 2023

Peter Rowland Group x St Kilda Town Hall

Peter Rowland Group are thrilled to welcome St Kilda Town Hall to our suite of breathtaking venues in Melbourne!


Designed by local architect William Pitt and built in 1890, this magnificent heritage landmark building exudes timeless style, elegance and a powerful sense of old-time Melbourne.

A grand and classically styled city hall with soaring ceiling and original exposed brick columns, St Kilda Town Hall sits amongst 19th century gardens, whilst being located in the heart of iconic St Kilda – an area internationally renowned for its culture and cosmopolitan inner city lifestyle.

Being centrally located, and within 8km of Melbourne’s CBD, there is both generous onsite parking along with easy access to public transport.


Cocktail Party: 1000
Theatre Style: 700
Banquet Style (no dance floor): 480
Banquet Style (with dance floor): 350


We believe that food is the heart and soul of any memorable event. It has the power to bring people together, create lasting memories, and ignite joy and excitement. Our food philosophy is deeply rooted in celebrating the beauty of simplicity, seasonal produce, and the finest ingredients. Great menus create extraordinary experiences that leave a lasting impression.


The cornerstone of our food philosophy is a commitment to using the very best seasonal produce. We believe that each season brings with it its very own unique flavours and textures, and by harnessing the freshest ingredients available, we can create dishes that truly showcase the essence of that particular time of year. By partnering with local farmers and suppliers who share our passion for quality and sustainability, we ensure that every one of our dishes is delicious but also supports our local community and reduces our carbon footprint.


For over 60 years, PRG has proven that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Our culinary team, led by Head Chef Matthew Haigh, meticulously crafts dishes that celebrate the natural flavours of each ingredient, allowing them to shine through – without overwhelming or masking their inherent qualities. By using simple techniques and letting the ingredients speak for themselves, we create dishes that are elegant, refined, and truly memorable.

The magical moment when simplicity meets creativity is where you’ll find us. We believe that food should be a feast for the senses, and our culinary team is constantly pushing the boundaries of flavour combinations and presentation. By preparing each dish with innovative touches and unexpected elements, we create an experience that is both visually stunning and totally delicious. Our menus can be written to reflect the desires and preferences of our much-loved clients, but will always showcase our creativity and ability to transform their vision into reality.

For more information, including pricing and menus, please email enquiries@peterrowland.com.au

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