We're getting ready to activate the Convent
26 July 2021


Peter Rowland Group is thrilled to announce our new status as the official onsite caterer for the breathtaking Abbotsford Convent precinct.

From August 2021, PRG will be reimagining and relaunching the hospitality spaces throughout the precinct in order to showcase the majesty and mystery of this iconic location. From weddings to on-site festivals through to events of any size and description, PRG is committed to working with both our clients and the team at Abbotsford Convent to inspire world-class hospitality, right here in Melbourne.

Incredible spaces to inspire your imagination
Founded by The Sisters of the Good Shepherd in 1863, Abbotsford Convent operated for more than 100 years before being sold and eventually gifted to the community in 2001. The rich history of the buildings, gardens and surrounds provide a unique backdrop for events of any size – from 5 to 500!

There are over 20 different spaces at Abbotsford Convent
Spectacular spaces that can be scaled up (or down) or combined for bespoke events? There is nowhere that can rival the options of Abbotsford Convent. From galleries, courtyards, auditoriums, community rooms through to an on-site chapel with Bishops Parlour, even the former laundries have been restored to spaces that will surprise and delight even those toughest to impress.

Share, Feast and Graze
Our abundant feasting menus are designed for group grazing at long communal tables which will positively groan under the weight of delicious options for everyone (including guests with specific dietary requirements).

Shared dining has fast become the most popular option for events

Immersive dining experiences
We love collaborating with creatives!

Mindful Beverage Menus
For the first time in PRG’s 58 year history, we’re thrilled to be offering a specifically curated alcohol-free beverage package option for all our Abbotsford Convent events.

Through exciting partnerships with Non (non-alcholic wine), Lyre (alcohol-free cocktails) and Seedlips (alcohol-free spirits), we can create a bespoke beverage package designed to match your food offering perfectly.

As the wellness and wellbeing trend continues to surge globally, we’re looking forward to introducing you (and your guests) to all the possibilities, without the hang overs!

Plant-based Menus
Today’s lifestyle encourages a more conscious approach to dining and entertaining. Introducing our new plant-based menus!

100% vegan, nut free, dairy free and gluten free, we’ve seen enormous interest in these menus already.

Available for events of any size including seated dining, canapes, dessert bars and conferences.

Hello, New Friends!
The convent community boasts a kaleidoscope of creatives, including writers, designers, artists, musicians and educators – all of whom embrace the precinct and champion the collaboration of its’ stakeholders.

We’re so excited to work with the existing team to breathe new life and excitement into an already much-loved location. From developing event concepts to elevating the existing dining experience to working with you to bring your event dreams into reality, we’re ready!

Garden Picnics
Our  ‘Pop Up Picnic’ offering was a much-loved part of Spring/Summer 2020. This year, we re-launch this concept onsite at the Convent with beautifully curated new menus so all you have to do is order, find a perfect spot amongst the surrounding gardens and picnic the day away! (Picnic rug included!)

Ravishing Rosina
Inspired by the brightest spring and summer colour palettes, along with our new artistic surrounds, we’re thrilled to present the newly refurbished Rosina Function Space.

Brand new furniture, soft furnishings, drapery and custom art pieces work together to create a vibrant space which is sure to become an instant favourite with those that live life in full colour!

And don’t expect to see staff dressed in the usual hospo blacks either – the team will be rainbow-bright in bold coloured uniforms and ready to ensure your guests have smiles from ear to ear, from start to finish.

Ready to see for yourself? Get in touch with us today for August tours:

About Abbotsford Convent
Abbotsford Convent is an exemplary arts, cultural and learning precinct – a welcoming and lively place that encourages collaboration and social interaction. Through creative, holistic thinking and a structured, integrated design process, the  Abbotsford Convent Foundation collaborates with its diverse stakeholders, and the broader community to build on the qualities of the unique precinct; creating a place that even more people love; and finding new and exciting ways to connect people, events, histories, stories and landscapes.

The Abbotsford Convent precinct is a sprawling kaleidoscope of arts and culture

Earlier this year, the Abbotsford Convent Foundation (ACF) secured generous Commonwealth funding support through the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources’ Australian Heritage Grants program and the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation to update its Master Plan last revised in 2005. The new Master Plan will provide a holistic vision for the Convent, addressing gaps in previous iterations and informing the protection and enhancement of the precinct over the next decade, and beyond.

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